Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Arranged for Love and Marriage

                              Arranged for Love and Marriage
(This story was written as an entry to a contest of Indiblogger's Love Marriage ya Arranged marriage competition in association with Sony Entertainment Television, and linked  to http://www.facebook.com/LoveYaArrange)

We both waived to daughters of our two friends boarding the college  bus and came to the living room from the front Balcony. My friend Roma, came to this town few months back and today she found time enough to stay back in my house for lunch. She came with me to the kitchen and quickly I prepared her favorite French toast and coffee.
 She was looking at the closed doors and windows of our neighbor’s two storied large building and said
“Your neighbors are still enjoying their summer vacation? I think they do not have school or college going daughter or son.”
 Carrying the tray with the contents just prepared we came to the dining table and settled there.  I said “ You were both right and wrong. They do not have a school or college going son and daughter, this is correct. But they are not enjoying an extended holiday in any hill station or sea beach. Right now they are in jail.”
“This came in TV and also in Print Media. They arranged their son’s marriage to a matching wealthy family. Just at the time of “Joymala”, there was a dramatic scene covered in details by all the electronic media.. Their son made a love-marriage before and that  was registered. The first wife appeared in this marriage Pandal along with woman rightists and the marriage certificate. Lastly Police appeared and took them in jail custody.”
 “My god, in arranged marriages, people make lot of verifications even then….”
“Not when the son marries secretly and do not tell the parents about it. Parents arrange his marriage and when the son declares about the marriage, they ask him to forget it and agree to their proposal or face extradition from the family property or business. That is what happened here.”

“This is a rare happening Susama. Out of millions you may find only one such example. But I still say arranged marriage is better than love-marriage” Roma said.
I said, “Although, yours was a love-marriage and you are almost to make the silver jubilee of your anniversary in a year or two.”

Roma cut a small piece of French toast, “Oh really you make them so nice. Twenty-three years before, Rajesh and I took a decision; little knowing that it was more of a revolt than a marriage. Although we thought that we do not care for the society and the recognition of our parents but it was incorrect.”

“How do you say so? Rajesh loves you so much.”

“True, otherwise we could not have crossed the bitter barricades one after another. Even after Rina was born, many relatives did not respond to our invitation, because I was from a different caste. Susama, when two persons agree to marry, they only pass through one stage, the boy and girl liked each other. Their proposal have to pass through few more stages. The boy’s family likes the girl and vice versa apart from both the families like each other. In our case we directly went through the final stage and the bitterness occasionally flooded  our small nest, living completely cut from in-laws of both sides. Susama, You did not face it  as it was a blessed arranged marriage.”
  I said, “Yes it was. But, Som and I at first were two unknown persons. After the marriage was fixed we talked and met few times but insufficient to understand each other . This was the reason that we had hard times shortly after the honeymoon. Som’s family was a conservative one and has several mandatory rules and regulations. I had to face the problems alone and Som took his time to stand beside me. Tell me if Rajesh’s family agreed to this love-marriage, you would have never faced this problem. By the power of love, he is always beside you. There is another thing.”
“ Nothing very special. I know what naughty words of bedroom affairs you are going to say.”
We both laughed.
 I said, “Not that thing exactly. Love makes thing easier and makes such effect that no one finds anything wrong with the partner. At the start of married life, every one makes mistakes and blunders. However, those with love blow it with laughter. Som and I took years to become lovers other than husband and wife. You were talking of bedroom story. I do not know why in the initial years during our intimate moments I used to feel that he belongs to someone else.”
“Was there someone else really?”
“No, he was a goody boy always.”
“Only bad boys and gals like us fall in love?”
“ I did not mean that Roma, Sorry.”
“ Aha! Do not say that word with me. I was just joking. But tell me do you still have the same feeling”
“ No!  We came closer to each other just after I conceived. I suddenly was very ill and he was beside me giving me all the mental support I need. We fell in for each other from that time. But I still say …..”
“ What else, you got every thing in your life”
“ Roma, at this age I feel  having sex with a person before loving him is a sin. One should marry someone whom she/he loves. Love happens you when and how you never no.”
“You serious mad girl. ou will keep me hungry. Where is Bhetki fish curry and hot rice.”
“ Come and help me in the kitchen. I kept the things ready. In microwave it shall be ready within ten minutes”
I do not know whether Roma was really hungry or she wanted to get rid of this boring endless topic of Love Ya arranged marriage. In Indian societies are the women arranged for Love and Marriage?




Friday, May 25, 2012

To “Lakme Friend” with love from Neha and Leena

 (This blog is for the 

The Lakmé Diva Blogger Contest and linked to http://www.facebook.com/ilovelakme)

Fifty- six Km away from Tiruvantapuram, Verkala is an exotic beach. A very close friend of Neha, who was enjoying her holidays called Neha to spend her holidays along with her. This friend is ‘Kyra” and “ “Eleena” to others but only Leena to Neha. Neha already had sunburns due to her work. On her way to Tiruvantapuram, She met with Dermatologist Dr. Swamy at the airport. Dr. Swamy explained to her the harms of UVA and UVB exposure and the meaning of SPF and PA ranking as shown in the labels of sunscreen products. She told Neha that the right kind of broad-spectrum dermatologically approved sunscreen cream and lotion having both SPF, PA ranking could protect from these harmful exposures. Neha met Leena at Verkala and learnt about various products of Lakme Sun-expert, which are having the same qualities that Dr.Swamy told earlier. She used these products and found how these products not only protect but also take the aftercare of sunray exposures. Both moved around Verkala in Sunlight and enjoyed the Exotic Beach and the surroundings. In one such location when Leena sang a song earlier composed by Neha, Neha felt that they were back in their college days. Protected by Lakme Sun Expert products, the body energy do not need to fight against the evils of Sunray exposures and feel exhausted. Now enough body energy is available to enjoy even in Sun. Neha also felt that these products protecting from Sunray exposures are actually friends in need and friend indeed. They are not a mere luxury product but needed to protect the body from sunburns but also from Skin cancer. For the full story read more.    

The flight to Tiruvantapuram was delayed for two hours and I was becoming impatient to see Verkala 56 Km from Tiruvantapuram in Kerala.

Including me, the whole team of Erection and commissioning of the 40 MW Solar power plant at Dhoodsar in Jaisalmeer were rewarded with week-long all paid holiday for the successful completion of work done ahead of schedule. We worked for months together, roasting ourselves in the open field of the desert in Jaisalmeer. The contrasts of skin color, in the covered and uncovered part of our body, bear marks of our hard toil in the sun. 

Most of my colleagues went for near by Simla and Manali to cool off their sunburnt dark faces and limbs.

However, I am going to Varkala, a not so known sea beach in Kerala. Kerala has the finest sea beaches like Kovalam.  But, Varkala is different from others. Varkala alone is the only beach in southern Kerala, where lofty cliffs with mineral water springs are adjacent to the Arabian Sea. There are numerous waterspouts and spas on the sides of the cliffs. The beach still harbors a calm ambience and is devoid of the hustle and bustle that is usually associated with Kovalam.    

Let me admit, I did not know anything about this beach until day before, when Leena called me. She is Elena and Kaira to others but only Leena to me. Leena is my best friend but unlike me a site engineer, she is a sales Person in a reputed company, and mostly moves outdoor with her team for the whole day.

Leena was in her top of mood. She talked about the exotic beach Verkala and the short vacation she and her friends are enjoying at the beach with all fun games and music. She insisted me strongly to come and join with her and her friends.

 I had to stop her somewhere and I said “Listen my dear friend, I love sea beaches like anything, but I had enough of sunrays for the last one month. I do not want to spoil your holiday mood but let me tell you I have both rashes and fever. Even if I join you there, I am afraid I shall spoil the mood of others also.”

Leena was silent for few seconds and then her voice came over “ I remember now, you had a vaccination of small pox, and sometimes back you suffered from chicken pox also. So these two things cannot bother you. I think it is all due to sunburn. You moved too much in Sun for the last one month and did you use any protection?”

“Protection? You mean putting those funny looking white paint type things on your face and you look like a ghost in a horror movie.
Just tell me one thing. You and your sales team move constantly in the open Sun for months together. I do not think you people make that funny face for the sale promo or market research?”

Leena giggled “Ha! Ha! No my dear. We were helpless previously. Now a friend and a constant companion protect us from sunburn and related troubles. Now we are not afraid of hot sun to enjoy work and all the fun of the day. That’s how we are enjoying this exotic beach for few days. Only I miss you here too much. I am sure if you see our friend your current problems of rashes and fevers shall all go. Take care meanwhile. I am now getting late for the beach volleyball game. Bye”

 In the crowd of increasing waiting passengers throughout the Airport, I suddenly spotted Dr. Swami, the reputed dermatologist- scientist. As I waived to her she recognized me and walked towards me.

After initial exchanges, we walked towards a coffee shop.  We managed to find one small table just vacated by a couple and settled there. I could not help scratching my rashes and she noticed it.

She said, “Just show me those rashes on the back of your palm, elbows and neck. Eeh! These are sunburn rashes. You said you also had fever. When you continuously expose yourself to UVB and UVA rays these are quite natural outcomes. Let me tell you, People think their skin looks younger because its tan, the reality is, each tan is giving your skin irreversible damage, and you will see its damage later in life.”
I said” Doctor Swami. If you may educate me a little about these...”

Sipping a little coffee she said “Ultraviolet rays that penetrate our skin is made up of UV-A and UV-B rays, What bothers and relevant here is the damaging powers of these rays that our skin gets exposed continually.     
 “ You said damages, to what extent this may happen?”
In her quiet voice, she said “To the extent of sun spots, tanning, leathery skin and wrinkle and a deadly illness.”
Dr. Swamy with ease cut a club sandwich into half and pushed a part to me. Before inserting my fork into the portion, I said, “Go on doctor. What is that deadly illness?”
“While large doses of UVA rays can contribute to skin cancer, the UVB rays are commonly to blame for this disease.”
DR. Swamy helped me with a glass of water to stop a sudden hiccup and continued “UVB rays are most prevalent mid day, so if you must be out at that time, protect your skin.”
Leena told me the same thing but I was not sure what she actually meant. Let me hear from the expert.
Munching the remaining part of the sandwich she looked at me through the gaps of her spectacle frame and eyes, “I have reasons not to recommend you any particular brand of Sunscreen available in the market. But I shall help you what to look for before selecting any brand.”
She looked at her watch, and tried to hear one announcement and then continued. “The active ingredients of a sunscreen fall into two broad categories: organic ("absorbers") and inorganic ("blockers"). The absorbers are mostly organic, form a thin protective film on the surface of the skin, and absorb the UV radiation before it penetrates the skin.  The blockers are mostly metal oxide such as titanium dioxide or Zinc oxide, which absorb and reflect UV away from the skin. So be careful, check the label of your Sunscreen that it contains both absorbers and blockers and noncomedogenic i.e. does not contain ingredients proven to cause pore blockages. It also should not be allergic to your skin.
There was another announcement and this pertains to her flight.  She checked her boarding pass and got to her feet.
I said, “I shall accompany you to your departure gate no”
“O.K come along. I have not finished yet. There are few other things, which you must check before buying any sunscreen product.  All Sunscreen labels list a SPF i.e sun protection factor and some products list both SPF and PA ranking. SPF is a measurement of protection from the UVB rays. For example, SPF 15 means it is giving you 15X 10 minutes i.e. two and half hours of protection from UV-B rays.”
“And PA ranking?”
“This is the protection against the UVA rays. More + after PA means stronger is the protection as PA+ and PA+++. I recommend you to buy one that has minimum SPF 15 and PA+ both, which shall protect you from both UVA and UVB and other specifications that I told you just before. These are the broad spectrum Sunscreens.”
Before I could say thanks to her, she was on the other side of the gate and waived me before boarding the bus to Aircraft.
A few hours later at about 4 P.M, I was in my hotel adjacent to sea beach. Leena and her friends are already staying in that hotel and booked a sea-facing room for me. Now They are not in their rooms but Leena told the desk to put me in her room till my Sea-faced room gets ready.
Hot snacks and a fresh brewed coffee did all the magic and I felt fresh. From the Balcony of the room, I was not able to withdraw my eyes from the breath taking view of the secluded 500-meter stretch of white sand between the steep red cliffs covered with coconut palms and the azure Arabian Sea.
                                      Verkala Beach
I could read the hanging boards; this particular beach of Verkala is known as “Papanasham” beach. I heard there is a common belief in the local people here that a dip here washes away all the sins and purifies the body.  The itching and the burning sensations all over my body came back and I thought I should better have a walk in the sandy beach, the cool sea breeze and wetting my feet there may soothe me. As I was leaving her room, few nice looking sun set yellow tubes glistening in the setting sunrays entering the room caught my eyes. I did not have the time to look at them.
A small group enjoying a beach-Volley ball at one corner of the beach drew my attention. As she jumped near the net to smash the ball I recognized her, that is my friend Leena, her playmates are constantly calling her “Come on Kyra”.
The massive red orb slips into the sea, leaving behind a tinge of orange in the sky. Finishing their match, they were in the knee-deep saline water soaking their body with the gentle surf. We two friends met after years together sat on the beach and recollecting our days of struggle at Mumbai. Both of us passed through hard and soft times, joys and sorrows, break ups and nascent relations yet to come up for any meaningful direction.  Looking at her friends, she said, “Come on Neha, let’s now soak and talk”
An hour later, I felt the burning sensations and etching gone. Could it be the effect of the holy waters of “Papanasham”? I shared my worries to Leena and she had a look at the rashes and said “Neha, I suffered from these rashes years before. Don’t be tense now, I shall show you something to really relieve you.”
In past, there were several occasions when she really relieved me with my worries and tension. Clutching her hand, we both jumped over a roller but another bigger one soaked us all over.
Back in the room, Leena showed me three attractive looking yellow-orange colored tubes of Sunscreen lotions, Lakme Sun expert fairness body lotion, Lakme fairness sunscreencucumber And Sun skin lightening Mask, and a Lakme sunscreen face wash. With the feedback from Dr. Swamy about few hours ago, I first checked with the labels. All are with greater than SPF 15 and PA i.e. broad spectrum contains both blockers and absorbers. 
Showing me the face wash, Leena said, “This works like wonders, it soothes skin from common forms of skin-irritation post sun exposure. Right now, this is your problem. All these products of Lakme are not only giving you broad-spectrum protection but it is dermatologically recommended, noncomedogenic and hypoallergic. The protective vitamins and anti-oxidants in cucumber and lemon grass help to heal and repair past sun damage.”

My irritation and burning felling was once again coming back and I said “let me try. Something is at least better than nothing and when that something is from a reputed company with right amount of ingredients it may work.”
Half an hour later I had a feeling that at least my discomfort has not increased and definitely thee was a feel of soothe. As advised by Leena I applied Cucumber and lemon grass mask before taking rest for the night.

I got up with a calm and fresh feeling. Leena’s friends were leaving for Kovalam, which we both declined. We preferred seeing a lake Akathumuri.  From Verkala, this Lake is only 7 Km far. 
Before going out for our daylong trip, we both rubbed gently Lakme Sun expert fairness body sunscreen lotion all over our body. The charming smell of, Aloe vera, and orange extract known for correcting past sun damages and the broad-spectrum protection of SPF 24 and PA++ assured me a confidence.

The placid waters of the lake and the serene beauty of the surroundings made both of us spellbound. We hired a country boat and moved around the lake. The boatman cum guide said that we must see Kulavattom, an island, which offers a better view of the serene surrounding beauty of the placid waters. The island even at this time had few herons and kingfishers and few nature-loving visitors like us. We carried a small pack lunch from the hotel. Two of us with a low sound music from the mobiles had a small picnic. There was another surprise for us on return.

We saw a coir-making factory and various decorative coirs made by the women artisans with a smiling face. The factory manager assured us a safe home delivery and we both purchased decorative coirs for our small drawing rooms. There were shades of  the trees but overall We enjoyed the whole day in sun but I never felt the burning or etching sensation.

To avoid any recurrence I used the Lakme Sunscreen face wash followed by Lakme Sun expert skin lightening +De-tan. I never felt such a cool feeling.

Leena planned a visit to Thiruvambady beach. We shall be going up the North cliff, take a bath in the mineral spring water and have a rest there, viewing the Arabian Sea. We took a pack lunch, water bottles, thermos full of coffee, towels, spare dresses and sunscreen lotions in our backpacks.
We went up the cliff through the spire-way through shades of Coconut Palm and cashew trees and sunshine in between. The cool sea breeze was flowing constantly drying our bids of sweats. As we went up, there were small springs; the biggest one was near the cliff. Plantations around the place provided both shades and greenery.
The spring site looked like add films for Luxury bathing soaps. It is divided in two parts. The top part is for people to collect water, as people believe it may cure many ailments. The downward overflow from this spring feeds a small pond with an artificial fountain spraying the spring water.  We could not resist ourselves to soak in the crystal-clear water for swimming and dipping up and down. In the upper part, a small group gathered in the shades and started playing music.  We both were swimming to reach near the fountain. Water was shallow there, one may soak there by standing. It was made like that.
As both of us reached there, Leena whispered,” I like that waltz. With a little twist in the main beat let me sing one of your old songs”
I nodded and said “O.K go on but with a low voice”
This was one of my composed songs, but not on waltz.
                                “Hold the water
                                              On your Palm,
                                    Tell your heart
                                                  To be calm.
                                     Have, have, all the fun,
                                 Only in the bright Sun.
                                             Hold the water
                                                 On your Palm

She sang well, but could not help it to keep low.  I myself did not know, when I stated swaying a little along with soaking near the fountain. We were as if back in our College days. In the Fests, the songs of Neha- Leena pair were reciprocated with swaying their hips and “Once more! Once More!” We heard them right here. As we opened our eyes, the applause was from the  small group who left their place in the shade and surrounded the pond. We both blushed.
Going down the cliff, we were on our way to Thiruvambady beach along with the small group who became our friends. The afternoon sun has become orange red in the background of Azure blue Seawater with a sharp contrast of black sand in the beach. We never saw black sand beach and were spell bound to have such a breath taking view and enjoyed until the darkness came all over.
Back in the hotel room we were recapitulating our whole day and I said “ How surprising, we moved all the day in sun but not at all tired till now.
Leena said, “When you move in the sun a major part of the body energy is spent to resist sun burning and allied effects. But when you rub the sun expert lotion, this friend takes care of the body, letting you the free body energy to enjoy.”
I said “Better say,   the lesson of Lotion”
She said, “Also a friend in need is friend indeed”
We both laughed loud.
We shared our site seeing experiences with our new friends on the trip to the black sand beach and we told them about Akathumuri Lake. Seeing our interest in boating and rowing, they advised us to see Kopila Lake, only 6 Km north of Verkala Town.  So next morning being fully prepared like other day we left for Kopila Lake in early morning.   

Bordered with coconut groves and trees the azure blue lake is a misnomer.  This is actually an Estuary. The aqua blue waters of the lake rove gracefully and merge into Azure Arabian Sea. A bridge built across the lake provides a panoramic view but we chose to browse through hired pedal boats from the boat club of the department of tourism. We came near Kapil beach, the meeting point of Lake with the Sea and returned from there. Only our watches told the time we spent talking, laughing and singing while rowing across the lake otherwise we would not believed it.
In the following days, we visited the ancient Anjango fort, and religious places like 200-year-old historical Janardana Temple and Sivgiri Mutt. All these places taught us our rich heritage, culture. At the same time, from these places, the panoramic views of the Verkala beaches and the open Arabian Sea were possible as all the places were on a high hill overlooking the sea.

Our afternoon and evenings were fun filled with hour’s together company of rollers and breakers during the sea bath, music in the rooms and food in the open premises of the restaurants. The last day was most exciting. We walked in the beach up to northern cliff. Seeing other people to paraglide, we decided to take the thrill and fun. Only in the initial seconds of lifting we both felt as if our heart stopped but then we saw one after another, the azure blue open sea, the lofty cliffs decorated with coconut Palm tree rows and the silverline sandy beach and all together at the end.
Both of us felt that with the protection of our Lakme Sun expert friend, the funs in the Sun were possible.  With tears in our eyes, we both departed. Back at my residence, when I opened my baggage, I found a complete set Of Lakme Sun Expert, a gift that my bosom friend Leena secretly pushed in my suitcase. Really, Leena and my new friend Lakme Sun Expert are my friend indeed. Lakme Sun Expert is not a mere luxury item; it is a protector from short term and long term diseases, lets you to utilise your body energy not to fight against the sun but for your work and fun.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

                        প্রকৃতির সবুজতায় প্রজাপতির উন্মাদনা,
                         তোমার আঁচল,বাতাসে উড়ে যায়,
                           নির্মল বাতাস জাপটে ধরে মন,
                           ভালোবাসি  ভালোবাসার হৃদয়,
                               কালো মেঘের ঘনঘটা
                            বিছিন্ন বারি ধারায় বিছিন্নতা,
                              বাতাস থমকে হয় থমথমে-
                            সহস্র বৃষ্টির ফোঁটা জড়িয়ে ধরে,
                          ভালোবাসি ভালোবাসি ভালোবাসি-
                            আঁকড়ে ধরি অশ্বথের ঝুরি,
                             ডালপালা ঢেকে দেয় সত্যতা-
                             উষ্ণ আলিঙ্গন চোখের পাতায়,
                          ভালোবাসি ভালোবাসি-ভালোবাসি |

Saturday, January 8, 2011



                সবুজের কান্না

                   চলেছে গাছের শব এর অন্তিম-যাত্রা,
                    নাঃ! নেই শ্মশান যাত্রী, নেই কান্না !
                     করাতের দাঁতের ধারে পরাস্ত
                   পাখিদের কলতান, অক্সিজেন ভরা বাতাস,
                     ক্লান্ত পথিকের বিশ্রাম, সবুজের সজীবতা|
                    সব শেষ! একটার পর একটা গাছের মৃত্যু|
                        মৃত্যু ! মৃত্যুর পর নতুন সেবায়,
                       গৃহের শোভা, দরজা-জানালার সুন্দরতা,
                 আসবাবপত্রে পালিশ এর জেল্লায় ফুটে ওঠবে আভিজাত্য !
                 আবারও মৃত গাছের টুকরোয় জ্বলেছে মৃত মানুষের শব|
                     কাঠকুড়োনীর নেই জ্বালানীর চিন্তা,
                    সভ্যতার সমাজে গড়ে উঠবে গগনচুম্বী ইমারত
                      আভিজাত্যের গন্ধে ধুঁকবে ক্লান্ত বাতাস,
                     নীড় হারা পাখিরা ফিরে যাবে গহন বনে,
                      সৃস্টির নেশায় ব্যস্ততার সভ্য সমাজ ;
                 ভুলে যাবে অতীতের বনবনানীর সবুজের কান্না |


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

            পুজোমন্ডপ সেজেগুজে চকচকে পরিপাটি,
            ছোট্ট ছোট্ট আনন্দের আশায় পায়ে চটি,
          বোধন এর ক্ষণ এ সংকেতের ঢাকে কাঠি,
           শাঁখের ফু, চারিদিকের আনন্দমুখরিত মাটি,
          লাল ফিতের শক্ত বন্ধনে মা দূর্গা বন্দিনী,
         সেলিব্রিটির ঝলমলে উপস্থিতির সময় নেই বাকি,
             জমাট বাধা ভীড়ে এদিক ওদিক ছোটাছুটি,
           ঢাকের তালে তালে নাচছে মন্ডপের ঝাড়বাতি,
        ফিতে কাটলে হবেন মুক্ত বন্দিনী মায়ের বেটা-বেটি|
         হাজারো চোখের আলোয় ঝরবে আনন্দধারা খাঁটি|

                      সুস্মিতা বিশ্বাস
         (উপরের চিত্র এঁকেছেন সুস্মিতা বিশ্বাস)

Monday, October 4, 2010

                            রজনীগন্ধার ডাকে জূঁইফুল
                           তোমার উষ্ণতায় আমায় বাসবে কি ভালো,

                         কোনদিনই বুঝলেই না- ভালবাসি তাই বারেবার,

                        ইচ্ছেনদীর জলে সুখের অনুভূতির ঘ্রান,

                        উঁচু ঝরনার স্রোতে ঝরে পড়ে আবেগের আকুতি-

                        তুমিই আসবে আমারই সেই চেনা মাতাল গন্ধে,

                        মুগ্ধ দৃষ্টির আমন্ত্রনে কাছে কাছে হৃদয়ের স্পন্দন,

                        অতীব প্রেমরাগ গান শোনাবে সুরনদীর অন্তরে,

                        রজনীগন্ধার মিষ্টি আবেগে জূঁইফুল পথে পথে,

                        একটানা ইমন এর সুরে মুছে যাবে বেহাগ,

                        কালো মেঘেরা ছড়াবে রাশি রাশি জূঁই ফুলের ধারা|

                                                সুস্মিতা বিশ্বাস

Thursday, September 23, 2010

উমার মর্তে আগমন

       উমার মর্তে আগমন

শারদ প্রভাতে ঢাকের বাদ্যিরতালে নাচ,
কাশফুলের গালিচায় বাতাস দোল খায়,
পেঁজাতুলো মেঘের সারিতে মাতোয়ারা ভুবন,
ভোরের মোহময়ী শিউলির গন্ধ - আকাশে বাতাসে |
আলোর রোশনাই এ প্লাবিত পূজামণ্ডপ|
কাল ও ছিল ফুটপাত অন্ধকারে ঢাকা,
ঢাকা ছিল সব লজ্জাও-
জরাজীর্ন শরীর ঢাকা থাকেনা শতচ্ছিন্ন পোশাকে,
চাই একটুখানি অন্ধকার-কেবল রাতটুকু,
শীর্ন শরীর মানায় না যে, দাম্ভিক উগ্র আলোকে|
সকালের আলোয় লজ্জা ?
চেনা লজ্জার শীর্ণশরীরের জঠর জ্বালা,-ভিক্ষার পাত্র |
তাই! এই চারদিন আবার নতুনভাবে লজ্জা,
আলোয় আলোময় যে ফুটপাতের রাতটাও |

                  সুস্মিতা বিশ্বাস